Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Memories

Sharing the day with Frankie and his Mommy, Esperanza, was the highlight of Mother's Day this year. Frankie treated his Mommy to a long nap, and while she slept, he entertained Grandpa and Grandma for over an hour with charming laughs, smiles, and silly faces.

These shoes were made for walkin'

All dressed up and ready for his first shopping trip with Mommy and Grandma, Frankie looked pretty grown up already. This was only his second time to wear shoes. The amazing outcome of the shopping trip was that, contrary to the 2 hours max we expected to get, Frankie hung in there for almost 5 hours!! Grandpa was home having withdrawal pangs from his little grandson. And Mommy got to update her wardrobe for the summer before we were home again. Yea, Frankie!