Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Bath

To say that Frankie's response to his first bath was a bit "tepid" would be an understatement. He is just not fond of being undressed, fussed with, and dressed again. Hopefully, with age and experience, he'll gain the wisdom that bath-time can be fun time. But so far, it appears he'd rather do anything but wash. Maybe that's just a "boy thing"?!!

Snuggling with Grandpa

Two Weeks "Old" Already!

To celebrate being two weeks old, Frankie decided to get rid of his umbilical cord stump yesterday. This was cause for rejoicing, too, because now he graduates to a tub bath, which will probably be sometime today. He hasn't been very pleased with the sponge bath experience, so we're hoping that sitting in nice warm water will be more fun for the little guy.