Sunday, January 23, 2011

Giddy-Up, Grandpa!

Many of us are familiar with the children's chant and game, "This is the way the gentlemen ride...the ladies ride...the children ride..." Grandpa has played this with Frankie often enough over the past year that now Frankie asks to play by climbing up on a lap, sitting back on his knees, and bouncing up and down. In this video, Grandpa sings a "customized" version.

More Balloon Antics

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year's Birthday Party

What New Year's Party would be complete without noisemakers? Doubly required for a New Year's BIRTHDAY party! Who knew they would be such a hit with 20-month-old Frankie? And, who knew he would be so adept at making them work? His only dilemma was that he couldn't seem to blow hard enough to make "the noise." So, he tried trading with someone whose noisemaker was working. When all else failed, he dubbed in his own "noise," as in the second video.

Birthday Balloon Bash

New Year's Day 2011: It's Mommy's 25th birthday and lots of colorful balloons are on display. Frankie delighted in discovering their many uses and Grandpa was an all-too-willing accomplice!

Hokey Pokey with Frankie and Elmo!

Christmas morning, 2010: Frankie meets Elmo, a gift from Mommy who knows how much Frankie likes music and dancing. Elmo does the Hokey Pokey and makes us all laugh. For about a week, Frankie preferred to watch Grandpa, Grandma and Mommy dance with Elmo. Frankie, meanwhile, would watch from the sidelines and run to re-start Elmo to keep us going--even though, after a while, we all concurred with Elmo who declared at the end of each dance, "That was fun. Elmo's pooped!"
By New Year's Day, 2011, Frankie had decided to join in the fun. He preferred to do it in a corner, rather than out in the middle of the room. These videos capture his delightful reaction Christmas morning to the silly dancing Elmo and then show Frankie's own version which includes a lot of spinning, a few hops, and a mimic of Elmo's words, "that's what it's all about!"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Like Mother, Like Son

We can't get over the likeness in these 2 photos: Esperanza, age 7, taken in Colombia in 1993; Frankie, age 1, taken in Taos just last spring.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Happy Little "Swinger"

These videos demonstrate why taking Frankie to swing at the park became our favorite activity whenever we were together. He is so obviously delighted, how could we not be as well?