Friday, April 10, 2009

Shower in a Box #3!

Get those Bournique Aunts together, and you never know what will happen, but it's usually fun! Today, we were the lucky recipients of their planning when Esperanza received their "baby shower in a box!" Along with some cute and useful baby gifts, there were greeting cards with loving wishes, Hershey's kisses wrapped in blue, and gift cards for some shopping later. What a fun way to "shower" Esperanza with their love and support from a distance. They even found a way to include Aunt Bunny, with a darling book about a bunny that came with its own finger puppet.

This was Esperanza's third "shower in a box," since her Risen aunts also shipped gifts, greetings and gift cards a few weeks ago. In addition, cousin Lesley sent 2 boxes (one from her Mom's house), of clothes and other items her two little guys no longer need. The thoughtfulness and love expressed in these packages is like receiving boxes full of love and hugs. This little one is well-loved already.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reflecting on "Grand"

"Grand." Last spring at this time, we were readying for a trip west, to visit Esperanza in Colorado, and then on to the GRAND Canyon--a canyon we never saw. Yet, before the month of May was over, we were feeling a "grand canyon" in our hearts which were grieving the losses of our sister, Bunny, and our Mom, Ginny--"Grand"ma to 29!

The summer progressed, and we traveled the shore of Lake Superior, the "grand"est of the Great Lakes. Not long after arriving home, Esperanza learned, while visiting us in Marquette, that she was carrying the child who will soon bestow upon us the titles, "Grand"ma and "Grand"pa. Shortly after learning this news, Bob remarked that he had not expected to ever be blessed with this experience--one we're being told is one of the "grandest" of all!

Exciting news at 37 Weeks

The doctor says today that Esperanza is dilated to "1" and a little more. Then, the doctor adds, "You can go into labor at "2." Oh, my! We knew that pre-labor changes were happening, but somehow this announcement makes it seem even more real--and very near. We all feel the excitement intensifying. Each day we wonder, "Will this be our baby's/grandbaby's birth-day?"
Ever since seeing this amazing ultrasound image about a month ago, we have been eagerly anticipating meeting this little guy (who, Bob has declared, "has Esperanza's nose!") His due date is April 20--less than 2 weeks from today!